Tackling Climate Change with Yorkshire Energy

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Tackling Climate Change with Yorkshire Energy

We’re proud to announce that collectively our customers have already saved 9,464 tonnes of CO2 from being produced by choosing green electricity. That’s the same amount of carbon that would be released from driving around the circumference of the earth 1,524 times in a small petrol car. We know that excess CO2 production contributes towards climate change, so it’s important we reduce our emissions where we can.

If you’ve been on supply with Yorkshire Energy for around 9 months, you may have seen an email letting you know how much carbon you’ve personally saved by choosing green electricity. We hope you’re as delighted as we are.

How we calculate carbon

We start with each customers Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC). This is the amount of energy we expect you to use in the year. We divide your EAC by 365 and times that by the number of days you’ve been on supply with us. This gives us a good idea of the amount of electricity you’ve used with YE so far.

Next, we multiply this number by 0.28088. This is a UK government figure that tells us how many kg of CO2 would be produced from generating 1 kWh of electricity with an average fuel mix. This gives us the amount of CO2 in kg that each customer has saved by choosing green electricity.

Female sheep weigh between 45 and 100kg, so we reckon an average sheep weighs about 72.5kg. Dividing the CO2 saving in kg by 72.5 gives us the number of sheep equivalents saved by choosing green electricity.

What else do Yorkshire Energy do?

As well as supplying green electricity, we try to reduce our environmental impact in other areas where we can. For example, we reduce our paper usage by sending account statements by email rather than post. This helps us keep costs to a minimum too – savings which we pass on to our customers.

We think it’s important for our employees’ physical and mental health to walk, cycle or take public transport to work if they want. We facilitate this by offering free shower and changing facilities, a cycle to work scheme and basing ourselves in Leeds city centre – just a five minute walk from the train station. We’re pleased to say that over 90% of our staff walk or cycle in (we’re working on the 10%!).

Could we do more?

Absolutely, we know there’s always more we could do as a company to reduce our impact on the planet. We’re investigating ways to carbon offset the gas we supply, or even purchase a percentage of green gas for our customers if we can find a cost-effective way to do this. If you’re a Yorkshire Energy customer, you’ll be the first to hear if we start offering greener gas in the future.

Let us know ways in which you think we could further reduce our carbon footprint by tweeting, facebooking or emailing us. We always love to hear ideas about how we can improve!

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