We're Committed to Green

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We're Committed to Green

At Yorkshire Energy, we are committed to supporting the generation of renewable energy to continue the important march towards a greener future. But how do we do this?

What is the Renewables Obligation scheme?
The Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme was created in 2002 to support large-scale renewable electricity projects in the UK. The scheme requires all UK energy suppliers to obtain a certain amount of their electricity from renewable sources. Certificates, known as ROCs, are issued to generators relative to the amount of renewable electricity they produce. Suppliers then purchase these ROCs from the generator and present them to Ofgem, demonstrating that they have met their annual obligation. Despite the bumpy ride 2020 has been, we’re proud to say we have met our 2020 obligation and are able to present the required number of ROCs to Ofgem.

How is this different to REGOs?
The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) scheme is not mandatory but was put in place to help consumers know how much of the electricity their supplier sources is from renewable generation. Each MWh of renewal electricity exported to the grid receives a REGO certificate awarded by Ofgem, including details of where exactly that generator is. We are a 100% green electricity supplier through the REGOs scheme as, for every KWh of electricity our customers use, we buy the same amount of electricity from renewable sources. This ensures that all the renewable electricity we feed into the grid on behalf of our customers is fully accounted for. Since launching in April 2018, we’ve bought a total of 200,000 MWh of REGO certificates! The energy we fed back into the grid this year came from 4 wind farm operators across the UK, including one just 30 miles from our Leeds city centre office.

What about gas?
There’s a similar scheme in place for Green Gas, allowing suppliers to guarantee that some or all of the gas their customers use is accounted for by gas generated renewably from food or farm waste. However, Green Gas is not yet widely available to be able to offer it to our customers at an affordable price. We aim to implement Green Gas in the future and incorporate this into our fairly priced tariffs.

Damian Clements
Director of Finance

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