Complaints Reporting

01 Putting the Customer First

Yorkshire Energy are leading by example to change the face of the energy industry.

We put our customers first and always make sure we listen and learn when things do go wrong. Every time a customer expresses dissatisfaction with any area of our services, we log it as a complaint. This ensures we always listen to our customers & work towards improving our services.

02 Our Complaints
Statistic Jan - Mar 19 Apr - Jun 19 Jul - Sep 19 Oct - Dec 19 Jan - Mar 20
Number of complaints received 377 839 837 1312 1116
Number of complaints received per 10,000 customers 130 233 171 400 132
Number of complaints resolved 377 839 710 1008 957
Number of complaints resolved per 10,000 customers 130 233 145 307 113
Percentage of complaints resolved within one working day 71% 81% 50% 18% 82%
Percentage of complaints resolved within eight weeks 99% 99% 93% 99% 16%
03 Top 5 Complaints

The total number of complaints we receive doesn’t tell the whole story, so we share information with our customers about our five most common complaints each quarter and the actions we’re taking to address this.

Complaint Action Comment
Switching We’re always learning and aim to reduce switching issues when in our control. We’d like to reassure customers that the vast majority of switches happen without issue. We’re just as frustrated as our customers when there’s an industry delay and are working with other participants to improve the energy industry.
Billing / Meter Read We’ve listened to our customers and redesigned our bill. Thanks to customer feedback, our latest bills are much simpler to understand, and we’ve received great feedback so far.
Customer Service We’re rerecording our phone answer system to ensure the recording is clear and coherent. Our web designers are redesigning our customer portal from the bottom up. Customer service complaints include any issues relating to our portal, phone system and so on – it’s not just our friendly energy experts! We’re delighted to be rated 5 stars on TrustPilot.
Payment Issues We’re working on integrating our third-party payment provider’s emails into our own CRM system. This will give us full control of customer communications. Most of the complaints were about communications from our third-party payment provider. We take full responsibility for actions taken on our behalf and are acting to address issues.
Sales and Marketing We’re working with third party comparison sites to make sure their information is up to date and accurate. Yorkshire Energy do not conduct door to door or direct marketing. These complaints usually relate to information on third party websites. We understand it’s frustrating if a customer sees inaccurate information about YE elsewhere although unfortunately, this is often out of our control.

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